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How Is The Alberta Press Council Funded?

The Alberta Press Council was formed at the initiative of Alberta Newspaper publishers. Member newspapers each pay a share of the cost in proportion to circulation. Although funded by newspapers, the Alberta Press Council is an independent body with its own objectives and bylaws.

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The Alberta Press Council was established in 1972, and was the first such body in Canada. Consisting of members from the public and the press, the Council’s mandate is:

• to hear and mediate complaints brought against member newspapers
• to defend the established freedoms of the press, and
• to protect against limitations on access to public information

The Council does not monitor its print media members. It is presumed that the member newspapers are responsible bodies with their own codes of practice. The Council may not tell any newspaper what it may or may not publish. To do so would be to infringe upon the established freedoms of the press.

The Press Council is not a government body at any level but is a non-profit organization which receives no government funding or grants for its operations. All of the Council members volunteer time from their various occupations in order to serve the Council.

The Council is comprised of a public member Chair, an Executive Director, plus three public members and two press members. Public members are solicited when a vacancy occurs. Press members are appointed by their newspapers. Public members are appointed for an initial three year term and may be invited to serve a second term at the discretion of the Press Council. The Chair is selected by the Council from its members.

Objectives of the Alberta Press Council

• To uphold the established freedom of the press.

• To serve as a medium of understanding between the public and the press.

• To encourage the highest ethical and professional standards of journalism.

• To consider complaints about the conduct of the press in gathering and publication of news, opinion and advertising.

• To consider complaints about the conduct of individuals and organizations toward the press.

• To report publicly on all decisions taken on complaints.

• To review and report on attempts to restrict access to information of public interest.

• To make representations to governments and other public bodies on matters pertaining to the objectives of the Council.

• To publish periodic reports on the work of the Council.

• To encourage the print media to follow the Code Of Practice issued by the Council.

How Can You Become Involved?

If you are interested in becoming a public member on the Alberta Press Council, please view our PRESS RELEASE page here on the website. We will be advertising for public members whenever a position is available.

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